The halving is an exceptionally expected event that occurs on blockchain networks, resulting in a considerable decrease in block prices for mining and exchange approval. The event is tailored to the convention of the organisation and occurs at standard intervals, which differ from organisation to organisation. (Ex: Bitcoin every 4 years)

During the split, the price that diggers receive for mining a block is significantly reduced, which leads to lower productivity and may influence the incentive of network members to continue mining and approving exchanges. In any case, this is an essential measure to control the organisation's stock of computerised local currency and maintain its value and strength.

The opportunity to split has been a topic of conversation and discussion in the local cryptocurrency area for quite some time. Allies believe that it is a fundamental method to prevent expansion and preserve the value of the currency, while others claim that it could lead to a decrease in network security and processing power.

Regardless of the expected dangers, splitting has become a necessary part of the blockchain's biological system. It is one of the many ways in which blockchain networks are intended to ensure the long-term stability and viability of their local computerised monetary standards.

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