Interview With Our CEO Lionel Rebibo: Trakx's Vision 2023

In a recent interview with, our CEO, Lionel Rebibo, provided valuable insights into Trakx's forward-looking vision, shedding light on the principles and strategies that define our approach to crypto investments.

FinMag Interview with Trakx CEO Lionel Rebibo

The interview started with exploring Trakx's foundational values and our commitment to innovation in the rapidly evolving financial ecosystem. Lionel Rebibo, our CEO, emphasized the significance of being more than just a platform, portraying us as a dynamic fintech entity with a profound mastery of technology across the entire value chain. In fact, our company specializes in creating and managing cryptocurrency products, primarily focusing on Crypto Tradable Indices and systematic investment strategies.

Trakx: Institutional or Retail Crypto Investors?

Lionel highlighted our initial focus on institutional clients, specifically family offices, asset managers, and hedge funds, marking the inception of our journey over four years ago. From an initial emphasis on institutional investors, we've embraced a growing number of retail investors. On the one hand, we cater to semi-institutional entities, providing "Tech-as-a-Service" and white-label solutions. On the other hand, we directly welcome retail-oriented investors onto our platform, representing a more recent initiative gaining momentum.

In the interview, our CEO highlighted the significant, spontaneous demand observed from individual clients during a recent reflection. Notably, this growth has been entirely organic, propelled by a dedicated and experienced sales team. Despite our deliberate choice not to engage in persuasive tactics, there has been a noteworthy surge in inquiries from individual investors who autonomously discovered our platform. In contrast to the relatively slow evolution and considerable reservations within the institutional market in France, the individual market presents an entirely different landscape. This untapped potential led us to find it particularly compelling to position ourselves within this niche.

Trakx CEO's Vision: The Future of Cryptocurrency Investments

From the interview with our CEO Lionel Rebibo, a clear picture of the possible future of cryptocurrencies emerges. From an investment point of view, on the official front, family offices and similar entities primarily focus on portfolio diversification. Institutional players maintain their interest predominantly in Bitcoin and, to a lesser extent, Ether. Bitcoin is perceived as the digital counterpart to gold, serving as a store of value or, to a lesser degree, a medium of exchange. Ether holds a particularly intriguing position; it goes beyond being a digital gold equivalent and is increasingly recognized for its 'technological play.' Investors view ETH as a bet on adopting the underlying technology, potentially driving the sector more than speculative aspects or macroeconomic/geopolitical considerations often associated with BTC.

Considering the future of finance, it's somewhat regrettable that blockchain technology adoption in France remains cautious, with only a few pioneers leading the charge. In contrast to Anglo-Saxon countries, where commitment is more substantial, French financial institutions seem to lag. Wherever value exchanges and custodial services are present, these sectors are likely to face significant disruption, if not complete transformation, from emerging blockchain solutions. Decentralized finance, low-counterparty risk peer-to-peer lending, factoring, and bond issuance are areas ripe for change. Changing mindsets and implementing these transformations take time, especially in complex financial institutions. Even if a bank recognizes the advantage of transferring some technology to blockchain solutions where it makes sense today, implementing these changes will take time. A 10-year horizon seems realistic for full implementation.

Trakx Competitive Advantage: Crypto Tradables Indices (CTIs)

Responding to questions with precision, our CEO comprehensively analyzed the distinctive features and products that position Trakx uniquely within the financial system. He underscored key strengths defining our approach and serving as the foundational pillars guiding our strategic positioning in this market niche. The following are the primary competitive advantages that emerge from this insightful discussion.

How do Crypto Tradable Indices work?

Our Crypto Tradable Indices are innovative crypto investment products representing a paradigm shift in this evolving ecosystem. Let us briefly delve into the reasons behind the transformative power of Crypto Tradable Indices and how they are shaping the cryptocurrency market's future.

Trakx Visionary Journey: Navigating the Future of Finance

In conclusion, Lionel Rebibo's visionary insights, as shared in the interview, paint a realistic and concrete picture of Trakx's strategic positioning in the evolving ecosystem of crypto asset investments. Emphasizing the transformative potential of blockchain technology, our CEO's foresight aligns with the growing recognition that blockchain is set to revolutionize the future of finance. Despite the cautious adoption in France, the interview underscores a 10-year horizon for substantial industry-wide changes driven by the younger generation's openness to innovative technologies. Our commitment to continuous innovation, technological mastery, and the introduction of groundbreaking products like our Crypto Tradable Indices (CTIs) positions us as a key player in this evolution. As the financial sector navigates this transformative journey, Trakx stands at the forefront, ready to usher in a new era where blockchain reshapes financial paradigms.

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TV Finance Crypto Flash Program 

With Yann Le Floch, Trakx Digital Banker

On 25 May 2023, Yann Le Floch participated in the TV Finance Crypto Flash  program, "Are cryptos compatible with ESG criteria?" (in French).

Trakx is a pioneer in the definition and creation of indices that take ESG criteria into account.

Trakx launches the world's first regulated ESG Crypto Index

Trakx Unveils World's First Regulated ESG Crypto Index

Paris, [05] April 2023, 10 am CET: Trakx, an emerging global fintech company providing thematic Crypto Tradable Indices (“CTIs”), today announces the launch, in partnership with Vinter, of the Trakx ESG Crypto Index (TRXESG). The index, which invests in crypto assets with a high ESG rating, follows an optimization algorithm and selects protocols that have a high rating in each dimension. The index weights the assets by their current market capitalization up to a 25% cap to promote diversification. Trakx has built the TRXESG to meet the increased demand from ESG-focused investors and is working on the launch of a certificate linked to the Index.

The rating is based on the ESG assessments conducted by Green Crypto Research (GCR), an independent non-profit association that developed the first ESG rating methodology for crypto-assets. The rating follows transparent rules similar to ESG rating in traditional finance. The GCR rules for scoring crypto assets are:

E: The environmental score quantifies the crypto-assets ecological impact. This metric not only refers to the actual energy consumption caused by the mining or validation of crypto-assets, but also the electronic waste and associated awareness and management to reduce emissions.

S: The social score measures the extent to which the blockchain may empower people economically or socially and how evenly assets are distributed. Entry and usage barriers as well as social issues play an important role.

G: In the governance criteria, GCR investigates how transparent, reliable and secure the underlying technology is. GCR assesses whether there are conflicts of interest, security problems or other issues. The Governance criteria represents the combination of behavioural guidelines, principles, and standards.

Jacob Lindberg, CEO of Vinter, comments, “Our successful collaboration with Trakx and Green Crypto Research has resulted in the world’s first ESG crypto regulated index. We're excited to once again pioneer a new theme of crypto investment products and to have the continued support from Trakx.”

Lionel Rebibo, CEO and founder of Trakx stated, “Ever since its inception, the environmental impact of cryptocurrency has been a topic of intense debate. As digital assets continue to gain importance and relevance worldwide, many of our investors have expressed interest in the ESG side of crypto, leading us to create TRXESG. Through this latest index, we provide our institutional clientele with a secure, transparent, and liquid crypto ESG product, in a regulated and socially minded manner.”

Isabel Gehrer, President of GCR, sees the collaboration as an important step towards a sustainable crypto universe: "TRXESG is the first index to address the needs of sustainability-conscious investors in the crypto market. By tapping into this new customer segment, we incentivize all players in the crypto industry to integrate and standardise ESG factors as an integral part of their business model."

About Vinter

Vinter is the leading crypto index provider in Europe, serving the largest asset management firms in the world. Vinter is specialized in reference rates and thematic indexes for asset managers with high demands on quality, service, and innovation. The company is IOSCO compliant and an EU-registered benchmarks administrator.

For more information, please visit

About Trakx

Trakx is a global fintech company creating new standards for digital asset investments. Through our trading platform, we offer thematic Crypto Tradable Indices (CTIs) and customised solutions, providing sophisticated investors a high degree of compliance, custody and liquidity. Trakx is registered with the French regulator (AMF). 

For more information, please visit us online at

About Green Crypto Research

Green Crypto Research (GCR) is a non-profit association based in Zug, Switzerland, that specialises in evaluating the sustainability of cryptocurrencies. The organisation was founded in May 2021 and developed the world's first ESG rating for crypto-assets. For more information, please visit: 

Trakx announces three new indices focused on high-net-worth investors

New indices will be aimed at French Investment Advisors

PARIS, January 12, 2023 – Trakx, an emerging global fintech company providing thematic Crypto Tradable Indices through its registered Tier-1 trading platform, today announced the launch of three new indices named: Growth, Balanced and Conservative. The new indices are designed to meet the increasing demand for risk adjusted crypto indices from high-net-worth individuals. The indices will have the same security, liquidity, and compliance as all of the company’s other established products. Trakx currently offers 18 indices to its clients.  

Trakx tradable indices were developed to meet the needs of institutional investors looking for safe and compliant exposure to digital assets. With the emergence of interest from high-net-worth individuals and their investment advisors, Trakx developed these three new indices to offer investors indices that match investors’ appetite for risk. Allowing investors to select their desired risk exposure level from Conservative, Growth, and Balance brings a new level of flexibility to investing in Trakx’s proprietary indices.  

Lionel Rebibo, CEO and Co-Founder of Trakx, commented on the news, “Our team is always looking at customer trends in order to develop new products to meet their needs. We did not want to just develop one new product; instead, we wanted to introduce solutions to answer every investor’s risk appetite adding additional methods for our clientele to diversify and hedge their portfolios. In some cases, our indices are a high-net-worth individual's first exposure to cryptos and we wanted to offer an option for every comfort level.”

The introduction of the new diversified indices, along with a bitcoin tracker, starts off 2023 right where Trakx left off in 2022. The previous year saw Trakx introduce two new indices and expanded its business – all this despite living through “Crypto Winter”.  

About Trakx

Trakx is a global fintech company creating new standards for digital asset investments. Through our trading platform, we offer thematic Crypto Tradable Indices and customised solutions, providing sophisticated investors a high degree of compliance, custody, and liquidity. Trakx is registered with the French regulator (AMF). 

Trakx 2022 End-of-Year Wrap Up

2022 saw many highs for the company amid industry lows

As 2022 comes to a close, Trakx, an emerging global fintech company providing thematic Crypto Tradable Indices (“CTIs”) through its registered Tier-1 trading platform, would like to share a looking into the year that was.  With Crypto Winter smothering the digital asset industry for most of the year, Trakx has managed to weather the storm with limited exposure to many of the industry rocking events we have seen this year.  Most importantly while many in the industry struggled, Trakx has emerged with an increase in their business activity compared with the end of 2021. 

“2022 was quite an interesting year in crypto – we saw such highs in the first quarter and the rest of was much more of a challenge,” said Trakx co-founder and CEO Lionel Rebibo commenting on the year that was. “I am very proud of the way our team has weathered “Crypto Winter” and the other events that have rocked our industry.  Despite the challenges, Trakx is still in a good position. We have introduced several new products and our business activity has increased. We are looking forward to better days ahead.”

Trakx’s 2022 highlights include

New CTIs hit the market

Trakx CTIs have become easier to find with new Listing agreements with

Trakx has expanded its core team and development team with

With these new additions to our team we believe we are building a strong foundation that will help drive growth for years to come.

Trakx CEO Interview on France 24

Lionel Rebibo Interview

Cryptocurrencies earn their letters of nobility from institutions. With investments made by global financial institutions like JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, or even Société Générale, we can observe a normalisation of crypto-currencies. Is this a denial of the ideology of decentralisation of power and governance?

Lionel Rebibo, Trakx CEO and co-founder was interviewed on France 24 to talk about this subject (Interview in French).