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Global Crypto Adoption in 2023: Crossing The Chasm

The 2023 Global Crypto Adoption Index analysis by Chainalysis provides a panoramic view of the current situation. Beyond the statistics, at Trakx, we are dedicated to unraveling the global trends and challenges shaping the crypto narrative and understanding the nuanced recovery and obstacles worldwide.
 9 min read

Dollar Collapse: Why is it taking so long and what does it mean for crypto?

For many crypto bros the inevitable transition away from the US dollar as the world’s leading reserve currency is unambiguously bullish for their asset class of choice. However, there is an equally plausible alternative pathway, one that could extend the US dollar’s longevity.
 22 min read

Gold Vs Bitcoin As Safe Haven Assets: A Comparative Research

Investors are investing in safe havens. In the past year, gold has appreciated by 20%, Bitcoin by 40%. Gold vs Bitcoin, who is the better safe haven?
 15 min read

The Bitcoin Halving: Gauging the impact from this month's block reward cut

This month's the block reward earned by Bitcoin miners will be cut. What will the halving mean for the future price direction of Bitcoin?
 7 min read

DePin: Bringing Decentralization to Infrastructure Networks

Just as Bitcoin brought decentralization to money, something that was previously thought impossible, DePins aim to repeat the process with physical infrastructure networks.
 20 min read

Crypto's Coming Of Age: Thoughts On The Sec's Recent Decision And Other Things

The SEC's recent decision to green light a spot Bitcoin ETF is not the only indication that crypto is coming of age.
 13 min read

Crypto Impact: Fourth Turnings, End Times And Long-term Debt Cycles

Many in crypto community believe Bitcoin is the perfect money during a Fourth Turning, a cyclical view of history that prophesied two decades of tough times for the US beginning in 2005. Are they right or are their better models of history that are even more crypto-compelling?
 27 min read

Solana: Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

Solana has had a rough couple of year's in part due to its strong association with disgraced FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried, but with his trial now underway are things finally starting to look up for the high performance blockchain?
 15 min read

Drivechain: The latest controversy to impact the Bitcoin community

Bitcoin has always been associated with controversy. The latest to come to the seminal cryptocurrency is Drivechain - a proposal to add sidechains to the the Bitcoin blockchain.
 25 min read

Tokenization: The next big thing in crypto

Tokenization, the process of representing claims digitally on a programmable platform, is considered to be the next big thing in finance.
 14 min read

Regulation Ramp-Up

The SEC's regulation via enforcement approach to crypto is flawed and could result in the US being left behind.
 12 min read

An Ordinals Sin?

What are ordinals, the new innovation on the Bitcoin blockhain? Do they represent a threat or an opportunity?
 17 min read

Central bank competency: Why the visible hand of monetary policy will drive crypto adoption

Investors pay close attention to the words and actions of central banks, but few question the value of their contribution to society, perhaps it's time we did.
 17 min read

Crypto Impact: Hard vs. Soft Landing

How will Fed policy affect crypto prices?
 13 min read

The Intersection of Crypto and AI: Maximizing Positives and Mitigating Negatives

The ending of the cryptowinter has coincided with an explosion in AI.
 16 min read
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