Interview With Our CEO Lionel Rebibo: Trakx's Vision 2023

• Dec 04, 2023
Interview With Our CEO Lionel Rebibo: Trakx's Vision 2023

In a recent interview with, our CEO, Lionel Rebibo, provided valuable insights into Trakx's forward-looking vision, shedding light on the principles and strategies that define our approach to crypto investments.

FinMag Interview with Trakx CEO Lionel Rebibo

The interview started with exploring Trakx's foundational values and our commitment to innovation in the rapidly evolving financial ecosystem. Lionel Rebibo, our CEO, emphasized the significance of being more than just a platform, portraying us as a dynamic fintech entity with a profound mastery of technology across the entire value chain. In fact, our company specializes in creating and managing cryptocurrency products, primarily focusing on Crypto Tradable Indices and systematic investment strategies.

Trakx: Institutional or Retail Crypto Investors?

Lionel highlighted our initial focus on institutional clients, specifically family offices, asset managers, and hedge funds, marking the inception of our journey over four years ago. From an initial emphasis on institutional investors, we've embraced a growing number of retail investors. On the one hand, we cater to semi-institutional entities, providing "Tech-as-a-Service" and white-label solutions. On the other hand, we directly welcome retail-oriented investors onto our platform, representing a more recent initiative gaining momentum.

In the interview, our CEO highlighted the significant, spontaneous demand observed from individual clients during a recent reflection. Notably, this growth has been entirely organic, propelled by a dedicated and experienced sales team. Despite our deliberate choice not to engage in persuasive tactics, there has been a noteworthy surge in inquiries from individual investors who autonomously discovered our platform. In contrast to the relatively slow evolution and considerable reservations within the institutional market in France, the individual market presents an entirely different landscape. This untapped potential led us to find it particularly compelling to position ourselves within this niche.

Trakx CEO's Vision: The Future of Cryptocurrency Investments

From the interview with our CEO Lionel Rebibo, a clear picture of the possible future of cryptocurrencies emerges. From an investment point of view, on the official front, family offices and similar entities primarily focus on portfolio diversification. Institutional players maintain their interest predominantly in Bitcoin and, to a lesser extent, Ether. Bitcoin is perceived as the digital counterpart to gold, serving as a store of value or, to a lesser degree, a medium of exchange. Ether holds a particularly intriguing position; it goes beyond being a digital gold equivalent and is increasingly recognized for its 'technological play.' Investors view ETH as a bet on adopting the underlying technology, potentially driving the sector more than speculative aspects or macroeconomic/geopolitical considerations often associated with BTC.

Considering the future of finance, it's somewhat regrettable that blockchain technology adoption in France remains cautious, with only a few pioneers leading the charge. In contrast to Anglo-Saxon countries, where commitment is more substantial, French financial institutions seem to lag. Wherever value exchanges and custodial services are present, these sectors are likely to face significant disruption, if not complete transformation, from emerging blockchain solutions. Decentralized finance, low-counterparty risk peer-to-peer lending, factoring, and bond issuance are areas ripe for change. Changing mindsets and implementing these transformations take time, especially in complex financial institutions. Even if a bank recognizes the advantage of transferring some technology to blockchain solutions where it makes sense today, implementing these changes will take time. A 10-year horizon seems realistic for full implementation.

Trakx Competitive Advantage: Crypto Tradables Indices (CTIs)

Responding to questions with precision, our CEO comprehensively analyzed the distinctive features and products that position Trakx uniquely within the financial system. He underscored key strengths defining our approach and serving as the foundational pillars guiding our strategic positioning in this market niche. The following are the primary competitive advantages that emerge from this insightful discussion.

  • Distinctive Technology: Our key differentiator lies in its profound technological expertise. As a fintech rather than a traditional financial player, Trakx enjoys a significant advantage in terms of time-to-market and autonomy in creating new products, such as our world's first regulated ESG Crypto Index.
  • Total Control of the Value Chain: We stand out for our total control of the value chain, from design to continuous iteration of products. This autonomy allows for a relentless pursuit of the best market fit, providing a competitive advantage in a landscape where new entrants may find it challenging to implement costly infrastructures.
  • Strategic Investment: Our company made a substantial investment in this industry approximately 3-4 years ago, translating into virtually zero marginal production costs for every new Crypto Tradable Index today.
  • Large and Diversified Audience: Our flexibility in format is another distinctive point. The platform can welcome clients through various modes, ranging from management mandates to certificates directly linked to the platform. This agnosticism also extends to distribution channels, enabling versatile access to products.
  • Continuous Innovation: The ability to design and iterate new products at will underscores our commitment to continuous innovation and the constant pursuit of the best fit for market dynamics.

How do Crypto Tradable Indices work?

Our Crypto Tradable Indices are innovative crypto investment products representing a paradigm shift in this evolving ecosystem. Let us briefly delve into the reasons behind the transformative power of Crypto Tradable Indices and how they are shaping the cryptocurrency market's future.

  • Diversification and Risk Mitigation: Unlike traditional investment avenues, where an entire portfolio's fate might hinge on a single asset's performance, CTIs enable investors to spread their risk across a basket of cryptocurrencies.
  • Holistic Market Representation: Crypto Indices act as holistic barometers, capturing the essence of these diverse segments within a single, manageable index. Investors gain exposure to the broader market trends, enabling informed decisions based on a comprehensive view of the crypto ecosystem.
  • Strategic Weighting Methodologies: These indices leverage strategic weighting methodologies, such as market capitalization, price-weighted, and risk-weighted approaches. It ensures that the index reflects each constituent cryptocurrency's quantity and relative importance.
  • Tailored Investment Opportunities: Crypto Tradable Indices are not one-size-fits-all; they cater to diverse investor preferences and risk appetites. From high-growth opportunities to conservative stability, investors can choose from a variety of indices that align with their financial goals.

Trakx Visionary Journey: Navigating the Future of Finance

In conclusion, Lionel Rebibo's visionary insights, as shared in the interview, paint a realistic and concrete picture of Trakx's strategic positioning in the evolving ecosystem of crypto asset investments. Emphasizing the transformative potential of blockchain technology, our CEO's foresight aligns with the growing recognition that blockchain is set to revolutionize the future of finance. Despite the cautious adoption in France, the interview underscores a 10-year horizon for substantial industry-wide changes driven by the younger generation's openness to innovative technologies. Our commitment to continuous innovation, technological mastery, and the introduction of groundbreaking products like our Crypto Tradable Indices (CTIs) positions us as a key player in this evolution. As the financial sector navigates this transformative journey, Trakx stands at the forefront, ready to usher in a new era where blockchain reshapes financial paradigms.

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