Trakx Loyalty Programs

• Sep 12, 2023
Trakx Loyalty Programs

Get 10 USDc for new account opening

Complete your onboarding on the Trakx platform and receive 10 USDc in your wallet!

This special promotion is only available in September 2023.

Payment will be processed at the end of September.

How it works:

  • Complete the onboarding process on Trakx
  • Get verified and start exploring the platform
  • 10 USDc will be credited to your wallet at month-end

Earn 10% APR over a one-year period for buying CTIs

Deposit on the Trakx platform and get rewarded (10% APR!)


  • CTIs must be purchased in September 2023
  • Minimum investment: 1,000 USDc
  • Maximum investment: 10,000 USDc
  • Minimum/maximum holding period: 6/12 months
  • The rewards will be based on the net amount of the CTIs purchased in September 2023 and will be paid in March 2024 and October 2024
  • The rewards will be paid in USDc


  1. The User must purchase any of the Trakx CTIs between September 1, 2023 and September 30, 2023 inclusive (the “Event Period”)
  2. The total net amount of CTIs purchased (the “Purchase”) is calculated by summing up all the purchases of CTIs minus the sum of withdrawals made on the platform in September 2023.
  3. The User must hold the Purchase amount for 6 months (i.e until March 31, 2024) in order to be entitled to the 6 Month Reward or for 12 months (i.e. until August 31, 2024) in order to be entitled to the 12 Month Reward
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