Trakx 2022 End-of-Year Wrap Up

• Dec 20, 2022
Trakx 2022 End-of-Year Wrap Up

2022 saw many highs for the company amid industry lows

As 2022 comes to a close, Trakx, an emerging global fintech company providing thematic Crypto Tradable Indices (“CTIs”) through its registered Tier-1 trading platform, would like to share a looking into the year that was.  With Crypto Winter smothering the digital asset industry for most of the year, Trakx has managed to weather the storm with limited exposure to many of the industry rocking events we have seen this year.  Most importantly while many in the industry struggled, Trakx has emerged with an increase in their business activity compared with the end of 2021. 

“2022 was quite an interesting year in crypto – we saw such highs in the first quarter and the rest of was much more of a challenge,” said Trakx co-founder and CEO Lionel Rebibo commenting on the year that was. “I am very proud of the way our team has weathered “Crypto Winter” and the other events that have rocked our industry.  Despite the challenges, Trakx is still in a good position. We have introduced several new products and our business activity has increased. We are looking forward to better days ahead.”

Trakx’s 2022 highlights include

New CTIs hit the market

  • Trakx Interoperability CTI replicates the performance of the leading Interoperability tokens including Polkadot, Cosmos Network, Chainlink, Quant, Thorchain. It enables investors to gain exposure to the fast growing sub-sector of cross-chain communication.
  • Trakx ESG is a crypto tradable index (CTI) that is designed to replicate the price of top-rated crypto assets as per GCR (Green Crypto Research) in the classification of environmental, social impact and governance. 
  • Trakx has partnered with Vinter, a regulated index provider specialised in crypto assets and launched the Vinter Trakx Top Blockchains Certificate. This index is designed as an attractive blockchain investment product that allows asset managers to participate in this innovative technology.

Trakx CTIs have become easier to find with new Listing agreements with

  • Bloomberg – one of the largest business and financial information and news leaders in the world
  • LumRisk – Swiss-based provider of state-of-the-art risk consolidation, analysis and reporting

Trakx has expanded its core team and development team with

  • Ryan Shea as Crypto Economist, bringing a wealth of knowledge that very few in our industry can match. His insights into the markets are invaluable, not only in helping us reshape our thinking, but in helping us drive market awareness. 
  • Mohamed Yangui as the Head of Structuring, with a vast experience in new product development, investable indices and structured products bringing new solutions to market based on customer demand.
  • High level senior developers well versed in tech, decision in architecture, coding who are dedicated to improving the quality of our platform and services. 

With these new additions to our team we believe we are building a strong foundation that will help drive growth for years to come.

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