Trakx Ambassador Program Is Now Live!

• Jun 24, 2024
Trakx Ambassador Program Is Now Live!

People, transparency, and healthy relationships are the key elements of Web3, and we invite you to start building with us.

We're launching our Ambassador Program, designed to grow Trakx's community and reward passionate supporters and crypto enthusiasts. We're embarking on a crucial phase of our mission, scaling our infrastructure and venturing into new markets. It's been a journey to build our compliant, secure, and advanced platform, and now, with the help of our Team, we've developed an in-house tech infrastructure that allows us to create new Crypto Tradable Indices in a matter of hours. We're excited to extend this opportunity to our partners and community, empowering them to use our tech to create their own non-discretionary tradable strategies through our Trakx Solutions.

It's time to scale up our community, and we need your support.

How the Trakx Ambassador Program Works?

Our Ambassador Program is a strategic initiative to leverage the passion and influence of our most enthusiastic supporters. It enlists dedicated individuals to promote Trakx solutions, services, and overall brand in their networks and communities. Ambassadors are crucial in expanding the reach by providing authentic word-of-mouth. So, how does the Trakx Ambassador Program work in detail?

  1. Register on the form: Sign up on the form and submit the required information. We need to ask you some details, like if you've already worked with Web3 projects, your Twitter profile, why you want to collaborate with Trakx and some more questions. It allows us to select the Ambassadors based on their willingness to collaborate with Trakx. We're not looking for promoters but motivated people who want to support and build with us in the long term, and you've the possibility to make the difference, empowering users with more advanced and effective investing solutions.
  2. We'll contact you by mail: We're looking for around 100 Ambassadors to join our Program, so there is space and rewards for many people. The limit is not restrictive, and we may accept more people if you are very interested in collaborating with us. After submitting the form, we'll contact you within a few days to inform you if you can be a Trakx Ambassador for the long term. It means you'll receive exclusive benefits and rewards. We'll compensate each Ambassador with $50 in TRKX Tokens every month, and the 10 best ones will also receive an additional $50 in tokens and additional benefits and perks.
  3. Let's start building together: Once selected, you'll be an official Trakx Ambassador, and we'll be happy to include you in our family. As mentioned, when creating content and promoting Trakx, you'll be entitled to receive monthly rewards and exclusive benefits in TRKX Tokens. That's not all: Some members may be selected to start working with Trakx also in other fields, joining our Team and collaborating on a long-term solid base.

Requirements for Joining the Trakx Ambassador Program

  • Believe in Trakx Mission & Vision: Share our passion for improving crypto investment’s possibilities.
  • Basic Understanding of Crypto Index Funds: Familiarize yourself with what our platform offers and the benefits of our services and products.
  • Minimum Social Media Influence: Have at least 200 followers and a relevant crypto audience on Twitter. This helps us filter out bots and scammers. However, exceptions can be made for highly motivated individuals with fewer followers.
  • Experience with Trakx: It is a plus if you are already trading on Trakx. Your firsthand experience with our platform gives you a better understanding of our products and services, increasing your chances of being selected.

How do you Start with the Trakx Ambassador Program?

  • Sign Up on the Form: Complete the application form with the required details.
  • Wait for Contact: We will review your application and contact you within a week to inform you if you have been selected.

What are the Benefits of Joining the Program?

  • Monthly Rewards: Receive $50 in TRKX Tokens every month. The 10 best ones will receive $100.
  • Direct Engagement with the Team: Interact and collaborate directly with the Trakx team.
  • Exclusive Perks: Receive exclusive benefits and merchandise for being an efficient ambassador.
  • Career Opportunities: Possibility to work with the Trakx team in other fields.
  • Prioritized Support: Enjoy prioritized support and assistance from the Trakx team.
  • Early Access to Events: Gain exclusive early access and recognition at future Trakx real-world events.

What are the Tasks of a Trakx Ambassador?

  • Promoting Trakx Solutions: Share and promote Trakx's solutions and services within your networks and communities.
  • Creating Content: Generate content that highlights the benefits and features of Trakx’s products and services. (Minimum four posts per month).
  • Engaging with the Community: Actively participate in discussions, answer questions, and engage with the crypto community both on Telegram and Discord to foster a positive and informed dialogue about Trakx.
  • Providing Feedback: Offer valuable feedback and insights to help improve Trakx's offerings and community engagement strategies.
  • Promoting Trakx in other Communities: We believe the best way to grow is through real feedback and word-of-mouth. We're interested in onboarding only users who strongly believe in our mission and understand the potential of Crypto Tradable Indices.

Join our Trakx Ambassador Program Today!

The Trakx Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for passionate crypto enthusiasts to become integral parts of our growing community. By joining this Program, you will support us in our mission to revolutionize the crypto investment system and gain access to numerous exclusive benefits and rewards. Whether it's through creating engaging content, promoting our solutions, or providing valuable feedback, your contributions will be vital in helping us expand our reach and influence.

We believe that people, transparency, and healthy relationships are the cornerstone of Web3, and through the Trakx Ambassador Program, we aim to build a strong, collaborative community that embodies these values. If you are motivated, enthusiastic, and eager to make a difference, we invite you to join us in this exciting journey.

Sign up today to become a Trakx Ambassador and start building a better future for crypto investments with us. Together, we can empower users with more advanced and effective investing solutions and significantly impact the crypto world. Thank you for considering this opportunity, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Trakx family.

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