Trakx Exclusive Rewarding Program Live Now!

• Apr 23, 2024
Trakx Exclusive Rewarding Program Live Now!

Trading Crypto Tradable Indices (CTIs) has Never Been so Rewarding!

Trakx is pleased to unveil its new promotion program, designed to reward your loyalty. Available until June 30, 2024. 

Deposit on the platform and get rewards in TRKX tokens

As a dedicated Trakx user or new user, you will get an annualised 10% reward on your deposit, payable in Trakx tokens (TRKX).

Conditions to be Eligible for the TRKX Reward

  1. Minimum deposit of USDc 100 and Maximum deposit of USDc 10,000
  2. Invest in one or several Trakx CTI
  3. Hold your position for at least one month

Distribution will take place from July 1 at a price of $0.065 per token.

All the TRKX tokens will be sent to each user’s Trakx account. 

The TRKX token will be subject to a 6-month linear vesting period.

Reimbursement of the Gas Fees 

For every USDc deposit you make, get your fees back in TRKX Tokens!

Conditions to be Eligible for the Reimbursement of the Gas Fees 

The deposit has to be made on the ERC-20 Network, through our on-ramp solution or via a regular deposit.

Distribution will take place on July 1, at a price of $0.065 per token.

All the TRKX tokens will be sent to each user’s Trakx account. 

The TRKX token will be subject to a 6-month linear vesting period.

Please contact us at for any questions! We’re here to help. 

Our TRKX Token

The launch of the TRKX token will be an important milestone in our mission. 

With it, all investors and traders using our Crypto Tradable Indices will be able to access numerous benefits and take their investment strategies to the next level.

What are the TRKX Benefits?

  • Discount Programs: up to 50% discount on trading fees, depending upon the amount of TRKX tokens staked
  • Referral Programs: from 20% to 35% fees redistributed for referrals, depending upon the amount of TRKX tokens staked
  • Grant Programs: active community members will receive grants in TRKX tokens in exchange for specific actions & services (e.g. deposits and/or CTI purchases, trading competition…)
  • Governance: our community will get the opportunity to play an important role in key decisions, such as grant programs
  • Buyback and Burn Programs: 20% of the revenues derived from the retail trading business will be put in a vault and discretionarily used to buyback the TRKX tokens
  • Higher API Trading Rate
  • Other Perks: priority access to new products (i.e. alpha and bespoke products) & dedicated services (white glove, managed accounts…) 

Our Trakx Team

Trakx is a global fintech company that is creating new advanced standards for cryptocurrency investments. Our mission is to make the most effective investment and trading strategies accessible to all, democratising the financial sector and making it more inclusive and efficient.

Even if you are new to cryptocurrency investing, with just one click you can invest in a specific group of cryptocurrencies instead of a single one, easily diversifying and implementing healthy and indispensable risk management strategies.

The team, led by our CEO Lionel Rebibo, boasts numerous experts in finance, blockchain technology, development, and marketing. With a deep experience, we have worked in big financial companies like Fidelity, Bloomberg, Barclays, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, and more. 

Learn about the Trakx Team!

Our Crypto Tradable Indices (CTIs)

Since 2019, we have been working hard to build advanced proprietary technology solutions, developed by our in-house team, so that we are not dependent on third parties and ensure maximum security of our crypto index funds.

Our products are called Crypto Tradable Indices (CTIs), and are proprietary crypto baskets designed to ensure easy adoption of advanced investment strategies, efficient diversification, and sound risk management, which are essential for any informed investment strategy.

We have nearly 30 crypto indices, and continue to create new ones to meet the growing demand of our community, making them suitable for any type of investor, with different risk tolerances, strategies, and thematic diversification. 

We invite you to discover all the details of our Crypto Tradable Indices!

Don’t Miss our Trakx Exclusive Rewarding Program!

Now that you have a brief overview of the big plans we have at Trakx, you can easily understand the potential of our Crypto Tradable Indices and, above all, our Trakx Exclusive Rewarding Program.

Our TRKX token will be the upgrade that will allow you to maximize the potential of our platform, rewarding you for the loyalty, and allowing you to make your trading and investment strategies even more exclusive and advanced. 

Join our TRKX Rewarding Program and build with us new advanced standards for cryptocurrency investing.

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