Trakx x Lobster: DeFi ETH Crypto Tradable Index

• Jul 08, 2024
Trakx x Lobster: DeFi ETH Crypto Tradable Index

Trakx is delighted to announce its partnership with Lobster Protocol, a French company specializing in creating automated strategies in cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, and the launch of a new high-value strategy: The Lobster DeFI ETH Crypto Tradable Index.

How does the Lobster DeFi ETH Crypto Tradable Index work?

With the Lobster DeFI ETH Crypto Tradable Index, you can harness the full potential of decentralized finance through an automatic strategy for generating returns on ETH.

The strategy implemented by Lobster is based on two foundational mechanisms of decentralized finance:

  1. Lending/Borrowing: The strategy lends ETH to borrowers who pay interest, thus compensating the users who provided the ETH.
  2. Liquidity Provision: The strategy provides ETH to protocols needing liquidity to meet their volume needs, such as exchange protocols. These protocols will return a portion of their commission on each transaction to the liquidity providers, hence to the users who provided these ETH.

Trakx offers you simple and secure access to this strategy on its platform, registered with the AMF and the ACPR. 

Advantages of the Lobster DeFI ETH Crypto Tradable Index

  • Benefit not only from the attractive returns linked to holding ETH but also from additional returns generated by optimized placements in decentralized finance.
  • Expose yourself to the best DeFI strategies without having to manage them individually.
  • Easy registration on the Trakx PSAN platform

Step-by-Step guide to invest in the Lobster DeFi ETH Crypto Tradable Index

The Lobster DeFi ETH CTI is not public, and you can access it only using the following step-by-step guide:

Trakx x Lobster DeFI ETH Crypto Tradable Index

If you’re not registered on the Trakx platform yet, please follow the instructions:

Sign up on Trakx
  • Access your mail to verify your account
Mail confirmation Trakx account
  • Complete the onboarding with the required information
Onboarding on Trakx
  • Fund your account with USDc or ETH
Deposit USDC or ETH on Trakx
  • Start trading on Trakx!

How does the Lobster DeFi ETH Index strategy operate?

  • Once users invest in Lobster DeFi ETH, Trakx will convert the funds to ETH.
  • These ETH will then be dynamically allocated by Lobster's algorithm to the best decentralized finance positions.
  • The algorithm rebalances and optimizes users' positions based on market conditions to maximize the return/risk ratio.
  • Thanks to dynamic exposure management, the exposure is primarily in ETH, at a minimum of 70%, although other underlying cryptocurrencies may be involved.
  • When decentralized finance positions are attractive but require a cryptocurrency other than ETH, the algorithm automatically exchanges part of the ETH for the other cryptocurrency. However, it will also ensure that the strategy's overall exposure remains predominantly in ETH, at more than 70%.

Historical Performance of Lobster DeFi ETH Strategy

Since its launch on January 15, 2024, the Lobster DeFi ETH strategy has recorded a return of 43.2% compared to the dollar (as of June 10, 2024). The reference asset for the Lobster DeFi ETH strategy is ETH, to which the index fund is primarily exposed. This return takes into account ETH volatility since the beginning of the year and is in addition to the return recorded by the Lobster strategy. The projected return on Lobster's DeFi ETH strategy is equivalent to an annualized return of 11.24% compared to simply holding ETH.

Visit Lobster Protocol to check the performance chart of the Lobster strategy.

Remember: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. 


  • For more information on the strategy, you can contact Lucas at
  • For help to register on the Trakx platform, you can write to us at
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