Trakx Solutions: Create Your Own Crypto Index Fund

• Jun 10, 2024
Trakx Solutions: Create Your Own Crypto Index Fund

We are pleased to announce our new Trakx Solutions. With our platform, you can create your own custom crypto index fund. We are enabling partners and clients to use our compliant platform and infrastructure to make their own non-discretionary crypto strategies tradable and natively accessible 24/7. 

How do our Trakx Solutions work?

Thanks to our in-house proprietary technology, we can create Crypto Tradable Indices and manage the whole lifecycle of crypto index products from the creation, launch, listing, to re-balancing with unbeatable time to market. 

We believe that the key to crypto adoption worldwide is accessibility and inclusivity, and we are now sharing our crypto investing standards with partners and clients who lack the necessary tools to proceed. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can help people gain financial freedom and sovereignty over their own assets, and we are at the forefront of this revolution. Our in-house proprietary technologies allow us to create new crypto index funds in a matter of hours, and we’re now ready to provide the best solutions for advanced crypto trading strategies to partners and communities. 

With Trakx Solutions, both institutional and retail investors can access advanced and automated crypto trading strategies, such as smart-beta investing strategies, using models to capture specific factors believed to drive returns, such as value, size, momentum, or quality. 

We partner with companies that have developed their own models or influencers who want to share their selection/conviction with the community, and they don’t have the option to offer this product. For example, we recently partnered with OpenTrade, a platform dedicated to on-chain lending and yield products for institutional grade use, and we created a new CTI, the USDc Earn. It allows to earn yields with dormant USDc, getting exposure to US Treasury Bills and receiving an estimated APR of 4.75%. With them, we mixed traditional and crypto investing strategies, bridging traditional finance and the DeFi ecosystem, but the opportunities are unlimited, and our Tech Team is ready to implement new advanced solutions.

Start Now with Trakx Solutions

With Trakx Solutions, partners, investors, and communities can create their own crypto index funds, making them available natively on our compliant and secured platform. How to get started with Trakx Solutions?

If you are a research company, crypto platform, financial institution, DAO, influencer, or community, you can contact us to create your custom crypto index fund. Thanks to our proprietary and easily scalable solutions, the process is straightforward. There are 2 options:

1. Influencers & Communities - Index Manager Tool

We provide a wide range of Crypto Tradable Indices solutions, from thematic indices to smart beta investing strategies. To create your custom crypto index fund, you should provide us with the following information:

  • List of constituents: Choose your own basket from our eligible universe, respecting criteria of market capitalization and average daily trading volume. Tokens have to be supported by Fireblocks or Coinbase custodians.
  • Weighting Methodology: How do you balance the assets in the crypto index? There are various methodologies, such as market capitalization weighting (assigns weights to cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalization), equal-weighted (each crypto has an equal weight), and more. Choose the weighting methodology that better suits your goals.
  • Rebalancing Strategy: Is the crypto index always composed of the same assets with the same weighting? We usually rebalance our Crypto Tradable Indices once a month via our Index Tool Manager, updating the cryptocurrencies based on predefined parameters. You have to decide on a rebalancing strategy to create your own custom crypto index fund. In this way, you can ensure passive management and sound risk management.

2. Institutional & Businesses - Customized Models

Our B2B Department is dedicated to provide customized solutions for Institutional Corporations and Companies who have their own model, based on smart delta on value strategies or even more sophisticated solutions. We can implement your existing advanced strategies that reflect your goals and risk tolerance.

Step 1: Contact the Trakx Team

Book a meeting with a Trakx Team member. We will explain in detail how the process works and how to collaborate.

Step 2: Provide your Model & API

Provide us with your trading model, and we’ll implement it in our platform via API. You can decide to list your Crypto Tradable Index on our platform to keep it reserved and available only for your users. 

OpenTrade Case Study: Bridging Crypto and Traditional Finance

We recently partnered with OpenTrade, which provides institutional lending and yield products for financial services. As part of this collaboration, we launched a new Crypto Tradable Index: the USDc Earn CTI.

This crypto index is pegged to US Treasury Bills (T-Bills) and allows you to generate stable returns backed by real-world financial assets. It is revolutionary because it bridges the gap between crypto and traditional finance and showcases the potential of our Trakx Solutions and Crypto Tradable Indices. The USDC Earn CTI is particularly suited for bear market periods: You can put your dormant stablecoins to work and earn fixed returns. 

This is just an example of the sophisticated and advanced investment strategy we can implement in your custom crypto index funds. Our in-house proprietary infrastructure is ready to scale and is leading the way to making advanced investment strategies accessible and adaptable to all.

What are the Benefits of our Crypto Tradable Indices?

  • Portfolio Diversification: Instead of researching and selecting individual cryptocurrencies, you can spread the risks across multiple assets with just one click. Crypto baskets are the easiest and most effective way to thematically diversify crypto assets.
  • Tradable 24/7: Our CTIs are always available for trading, unlike crypto ETFs. You can buy or sell our crypto index funds at anytime from anywhere.
  • Passive Management: Our Index Tool Manager rebalances and updates the crypto index funds automatically and strategically. According to custom predefined parameters, the CTIs are rebalanced monthly.
  • Large Liquidity: We pride ourselves on maintaining a 1:1 ratio with the underlying assets, ensuring liquidity and security. Unlike ETFs, our users own the underlying asset and can easily open or close positions without slippage or liquidity risks.
  • Advanced Investment Strategies: Various Crypto Tradable Indices implement sophisticated trading solutions, such as Momentum, Sector Rotation, and more. Based on your ideas, we can create new advanced trading algorithms.

Get in touch with Trakx to create your custom crypto index fund!

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