TRKX Token Airdrop: Discover > Learn > Trade

• Apr 24, 2024
TRKX Token Airdrop: Discover > Learn > Trade

The Official $500.000 TRKX Token Airdrop

Anticipating the TRKX token launch, we are pleased to announce the launch of our TRKX Token Airdrop Campaign - Discover > Learn > Trade. This campaign offers 0,77% of the total TRKX supply ($500,000+) to be earned through a wide range of tasks and quests that will contribute to the ecosystem's growth.

Whether you are already trading on the platform or just want to join our new community, this campaign will make you have fun, meet new people, learn new things, and reward yourself!

The “Discover, Learn, Trade” Airdrop Campaign started on April 25th and will end on July 8th.
It’s divided into 3 parts:

1. The Trading Platform - TRKX Token Airdrop

These incentives are dedicated to everyone who signs up and trades crypto indices on our platform.

By depositing, trading, and inviting friends, you can earn substantial rewards in TRKX tokens.
These incentives are independent of Zealy's campaign and are dedicated to all those who have already registered or will register on our platform.

We are grateful to you for understanding the potential of Crypto Tradable Indices and will reward your trust, loyalty, and foresight. More than $225.000 in TRKX Tokens are dedicated to our platform's users!

2. Zealy Community Campaign

This exclusive campaign is dedicated to our nascent community, engage fun quests on Zealy and earn points to lock your share of the Prize Pool.

  • Discover the potential of crypto index funds for advanced investing strategies
  • Learn about our Crypto Tradable Indices and Trakx's innovative solutions
  • Trade CTIs also in a free demo trading competition sharpen your newly acquired skills

3. Zealy Airdrop Sprints

If that isn't enough, 3 Airdrop Sprints will be launched during the campaign. These will feature exclusive activities and the opportunity to earn an additional TRKX tokens, regardless of the progress made on the Zealy Community or the Trading Platform.

The TRKX journey has yet to start. Are you ready to jump in early and enter the amazing world of Crypto Tradable Indices?

Please always be aware of scams and interact only with Trakx’s official website ( and X account (@official_trakx). Support will never ask for your seedphrase!

Discover Learn Trade TRKX Airdrop Campaign - Airdrop Opportunities -Trakx

TRKX Token Airdrop: Rewards

Trakx has allocated 7.700.000 TRKX (0.77% of the total supply) to the entire Airdrop Campaign. These tokens will be used to reward users who help the ecosystem grow through the different initiatives that we will launch.

  • 3.465.000 TRKX (45%) allocated to the Trading Platform points Airdrop
  • 1.925.000 TRKX (25%) allocated to the Zealy community Airdrop
  • 847.000 additional TRKX (11%) allocated to the Discover Sprint
  • 616.000 additional TRKX (8%) allocated to the Learn Sprint
  • 847.000 additional TRKX (11%) allocated to the Trade Sprint

Whether you decided to participate only in specific initiatives or joined late, there are numerous opportunities to get a share of the pool!

Rewards - TRKX Token Campaign - Trakx

1. The Trading Platform - TRKX Token Airdrop

Trakx Exchange is the pulsing heart of the whole company, allowing users to trade CTIs 24/7 on a top-notch and deeply liquid platform.

In this campaign, users subscribed to Trakx (Level 3 KYC) can earn Points through their actions on the platform, fostering the Exchange's growth.

At the end of the campaign, the allocation for this initiative will be distributed to the top 2500 participants based on their positioning.

How to Join?

Every user registered to Trakx Trading Platform with a full KYC is automatically considered a campaign participant and eligible to receive rewards.

Remember that you must also fulfill the general campaign's eligibility criteria to receive the rewards. Read the Airdrop Eligibility paragraph at the end of the article. 

How to Earn Points?

  1. Deposit funds: Earn 1 point for every 25$ you deposit on your account (every 25$ withdrawn from the platform during the campaign will remove 1 point).
  2. Buy and Trade CTIs: Earn 1 point for every 10$ used to buy or trade CTIs on the Exchange.
  3. Being an early member: Users subscribed to the platform before the launch of this campaign will be accredited 1 point for every 100$ deposited on the platform during the account history (max 20 points; to be eligible, accounts must have a trading history in the last 90 days).
  4. Refer friends: When a user invites a friend to the platform through their unique link, they earn 5 points each. (both the referrer and referee should have a KYC level 3 account to validate the invite.)

Leaderboard personal score insights for this campaign will be shared every week on a public sheet.

Trading Platform TRKX Token Airdrop - Trakx

2. The Zealy Community TRKX Airdrop

In this campaign, users will join our Trakx Zealy Certified Community and unlock a massive list of quests through which they will earn XP and climb the Leaderboard. Completing the available tasks won't be the end since new quests will be added daily and weekly on top of recurrent ones.

Campaign sprints and side-quests will also be hosted here, so if you're looking out for them, be sure to join us on Zealy. At the end of the campaign, the allocation for this initiative will be distributed to the top 10.000 participants on the Leaderboard based on their positioning.

How to Join?

  1. Signup on Zealy
  2. Set up your Account
  3. Join our Certified Community
  4. Complete the Onboarding Quest and the "Welcome" Module to unlock the Questboard.

Now you're ready to have fun in our Community! Remember also to join our Discord Whitelist! If you need help getting started, contact our Team on Telegram or read Zealy's guide.
Remember that you must also fulfil the general campaign's eligibility criteria to receive the rewards.

How to Earn XP?

  1. Complete Quests to unlock new ones on the Questboard.
  2. Watch out for quests with FCFS additional XP, and be quick!
  3. Come back to claim your XP access bonus. (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  4. Take advantage of the Recurrent Quests. (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  5. Keep an eye out for time-limited Raffle quests.
  6. Complete the Modules and level up for additional XP Rewards.
  7. Stay tuned for [Sprints] quests.
Zealy Airdrop - TRKX Token Airdrop Discover Learn Trade - Trakx

3. The TRKX Airdrop Sprints

The excitement doesn't stop here. During the Airdrop campaign, three sprints will be launched to improve the campaign's activities and further incentivize ecosystem collaboration.

Each sprint's exact specifics and activities will be revealed at its launch. To participate, users must join and onboard our Zealy Community campaign, as specific modules and side quests will be released on the Community's questboard.

3.1 Discover Sprint 

Discover the amazing world of Crypto Tradable Indices. Start your journey with Trakx and get your chance to win a special Raffle!

Rewards: 847.000 TRKX for random 2500 participants.

3.2 Learn Sprint

Learn about Crypto Indices and Trakx's innovative solutions with our extensive range of Quizzes, and be ready to test your knowledge!

Rewards: 616.000 TRKX Rewards for 5000 top participants.

3.3 Trade Sprint

Trade CTIs at no risk, thanks to this Trakx's unique free demo crypto index trading competition. Sharpen your newly acquired skills and compete with other traders for your spot on the Leaderboard!

Rewards: 847.000 TRKX Rewards for 2000 top participants.

Airdrop Sprints Teaser - TRKX Token Campaign Discover Learn Trade - Trakx

Discover > Learn > Trade: Rewards Distribution

The "Discover, Learn, Trade" Airdrop Campaign will end on July 8th.

The rewards will be distributed from July 10th to 11th, and the tokens will be sent directly to your Exchange Wallet. A 6-month vesting rule applies to the tokens (16,7% unlocked monthly).
TRKX tokens won't be available for withdrawal from the platform until the listing on CEX.

The $TRKX Token Benefits

We're now launching the $TRKX token. It is an important opportunity for investors to join our mission and gain benefits and advantages. $TRKX serves as a fundamental tool within the ecosystem, providing users with access to various benefits, including: 

Discount on Fees and Higher API Trading Rate

One of the TRKX token's primary utilities is its role in the discount program for trading fees on the Trakx platform. TRKX holders can benefit from discounts of up to 50% on trading fees, depending on the amount of TRKX tokens staked. Additionally, holders have a higher API trading rate than non-holder users.

Referral Program

TRKX token holders also participate in the referral program, through which they can earn a percentage of fees redistributed from referrals. The percentage redistributed varies based on the level of TRKX tokens staked, ranging from 20% to 35%.


The TRKX token is essential in governing the Trakx ecosystem. Holders become active in the project and can vote on key proposals, such as incentive and grant programs and allocating TRKX tokens and platform fees.

Buyback & Burn Program

Trakx implements a buyback and burn program to support the value of the TRKX token and ensure the project's long-term success. Through this program, 20% of the revenue derived from retail trading is allocated to a vault. These funds are then used to buy back or sell TRKX tokens on the market as needed, aiming to align the token's public price with the perceived long-term value by holders.

Grant Programs and Other Perks

The community's most active members will be eligible to receive grants in TRKX tokens, rewarding them for specific actions on the platform. They will also be eligible for priority access to new products and personalized support, such as with bespoke solutions.

With you, we are revolutionizing the crypto index trading industry through our $TRKX token and cutting-edge Crypto-Tradable Indices, which offer automatic rebalancing, 24/7 trading, ample liquidity, robust security measures, efficient diversification, and ease of use. Read more on $TRKX Whitepaper.

About Trakx: Crypto Index Trading Platform

Trakx is a global fintech company that is creating new advanced standards for cryptocurrency investments. Since 2019, we have been working to become the largest provider of advanced, customized solutions for institutional clients, and now the time has come to provide financial inclusivity and democratization to retail investors and traders as well. 

Our mission is to succeed in financially educating users by providing advanced resources and tools to make informed, efficient, and wise decisions, fostering diversification and risk management. In doing so, our focus is strongly on regulation and compliance, and we are one of the few highly regulated and supervised exchanges. With us, you can use the most advanced crypto investment products, such as our Crypto Tradable Indices (CTIs), promoting healthy diversification, risk management, security, and compliance.

Our Team

Our team is made up of seasoned professionals from institutional finance, fintech, and the ever-evolving crypto ecosystem. With an experienced and competent team cultivated at prestigious institutions such as Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, ADIA, and Bloomberg, we have all the characteristics to connect traditional finance, cryptocurrencies, and cutting-edge technology.

  • Lionel Rebibo is the company's CEO, visionary leader, and co-founder. He drives its strategic vision and guides its growth trajectory. His extensive experience in several well-known financial companies makes him the perfect person to lead the crypto-indices revolution.
  • Matthieu Le Berre, another company's co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), is responsible for innovative technological solutions that allow users a seamless trading experience on the platform.
  • Laurent Barocas, also co-founder, assumes the critical role of Chief Client Officer, ensuring that the platform remains client-centric in its approach and delivers tailored solutions to meet the needs of its diverse user base. 
  • Gary Rebibo, co-founder, is also the chief marketing officer (CMO). With his advanced marketing strategies and his incredible focus on managing teams and tasks, he is the key person to succeed in making Trakx a globally established platform.
  • Caroline Jacquard leads the Marketing and Communication efforts, creating and coordinating compelling narratives and strategies to improve Trakx's brand presence and engagement within the industry.
  • Alexander Jansen is heading the global sales efforts. He is leveraging his extensive experience to forge partnerships and drive the adoption of CTI solutions across international markets. 
  • Mohamed Yangui, as the Head of Product Structuring, oversees the development of innovative financial products, optimizing their structure to deliver maximum value and quality to investors.
  • Ryan Shea, a respected tradfi sell-side and buy-side macroeconomist, brings his extensive expertise in analyzing market trends, creating high-end and macro-themed crypto research, and helping with strategic decisions.
  • Peter Stamas leads the charge as Head of US Operations and Business Development, leveraging his extensive network and industry insights to drive expansion in the US market. 
  • Yann Le Floch, the Digital Asset Banker, brings a wealth of experience in digital asset management, ensuring that the platform's offerings remain at the vanguard of the rapidly evolving crypto ecosystem.
  • Ziken Labs, led by Fabrizio Pepe and Luca Polo, is an innovative agency focused on the growth of Trakx in graphics, SEO, community, and social media.

Our Crypto Tradable Indices (CTIs)

Crypto Tradable Indices are proprietary crypto baskets allowing easy diversification, advanced automated investment strategies, and sound risk management. Our platform offers a wide variety of CTIs, grouped thematically or by investment strategies. Whether you are interested in AI or meme coins or want to adopt an advanced strategy such as Momentum or sector rotation, CTIs can suit any risk appetite and strategy. 

Unlike crypto ETFs, which are only tradable during traditional market opening hours and cannot guarantee healthy diversification and risk management, our crypto index funds are tradable 24/7 and are backed by a 1:1 ratio with the underlying assets, ensuring that liquidity is always efficient and available. Furthermore, we know that each person has different risk tolerance, investment strategies, time perspectives, and available funds, which is why we have created our selection of Crypto Tradable Indices to be compatible with different investment approaches. The focus, however, has mainly been on making our tools easily accessible and usable by users, making the cryptocurrency world more inclusive, democratic, and fair.

You can explore all our Crypto Tradable Indices on our Trakx Crypto Index Trading Platform.

Trakx Official Links

TRKX Token Airdrop Eligibility & Conditions

Eligibility to campaign’s rewards is exclusive to verified users (KYC level 3) of the exchange. For more information, please visit our Helpdesk: Registration and Verification.

Trakx does not accept any users (including residents and citizens) under the control of, or a national or resident of: Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Belarus, Benin, Burundi, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Congo (Democratic Republic), Congo (Republic of Congo), North Korea, Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Honduras, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Madagascar, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Somalia, Sudan, South Soudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Chad, Turkmenistan, United states of America, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

For more information, please visit our Helpdesk: Can i use Trakx in my country?

Terms and Conditions

Participation in the airdrop campaign is contingent upon adherence to our General T&C and Token Sale T&C. Trakx reserves the right to modify these terms at its discretion. Trading of cryptocurrencies carries inherent risks. Please refer to our Risk Disclosure Statement for further information.

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