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Trakx is a global fintech company creating new standards for digital asset investments.

Through our trading platform, we offer thematic Crypto Tradable Indices (CTIs) and customised solutions, providing sophisticated investors a high degree of compliance, custody and liquidity. Trakx is registered with the French regulator (AMF).


Trakx was built based on market gaps and inefficiencies. Throughout the years, we have quickly adapted to market changes to support our customers and help them address the stringent requirements of regulation, custody, and liquidity.


We are at the infancy stage of what we believe will be rapid and continuous growth for digital assets and the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We have built something unique and different from the competition based on market needs.


We are proud of what we have accomplished to date, but the best is still to come with many new products on the horizon. We continuously invest in technology, and our people while strengthening our partnerships  to be the #1 choice for crypto investing through indices.



Trakx assembled an experienced multidisciplinary team of institutional finance, fintech and crypto experts. Our executive team has worked at world-renown organisations across finance, technology and engineering such as Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, and Bloomberg, just to name a few.

Lionel Rebibo

CEO - Co-founder

Passionate about digital assets and narrowing the gap between traditional and digital finance, Lionel brings his experience as a former analyst and trader in hedge funds to make crypto investing more accessible to traditional investors.

Matthieu Le Berre

CTO - Co-founder

A self-driven and talented software architect with experience in the banking industry who created the Trakx.io platform. He strives to create new features that bring unique investing opportunities in digital assets.

Laurent Barocas

Co-founder and Chief Client Officer

Laurent understands how our clients think and anticipates their needs. Guiding the investor journey on our platform and through a robust client support team, he brings two decades of experience at Bloomberg throughout the finance industry to Trakx.

Caroline Jacquard

Marketing and Communication

With a strong background in strategic marketing and planning in both traditional finance and hedge funds, Caroline has advised and mentored companies like Trakx to help them grow their business.

Alexander Jansen

Global Head of Sales

After a quarter century in traditional finance with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as BNP and Goldman Sachs, Alex sees cryptocurrencies as the future. He joined Trakx to turn this vision into reality.

Mohamed Yangui

Head of Product Structuring

Mohamed's role in overseeing the structuring of Trakx’s innovative CTIs is built on his 20 years of experience developing indices at leading global banks, such as Bank of America and Nomura.

Gary Rebibo

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer

A savvy marketing entrepreneur who brings extensive start up experience to crafting the public vision of Trakx supporting new and innovative CTIs.

Ryan Shea

Crypto Economist

Ryan discovered Bitcoin in 2012 and wrote one of the first research papers seeking to value it. Intrigued by crypto ever since, and drawing on decades of experience working as an economist at large buy/sell-side financial institutions, his macro-themed crypto reports are frequently quoted in top-tier and trade publications.

Peter Stamas

Head of US Operations and Business Development

Bringing over two decades of sales and business development experience to Trakx, Peter leads growth and expansion in the United States and Canada regions.

Yann Le Floch

Digital Asset Banker

As a former investment banker and now an entrepreneur on cryptomoney and institutional digital currencies, Yann is keen to propose this new crypto asset class to traditional financial structures and individuals.


From clients
and partners

Hear what our clients and partners have to say about us. Join the pioneering firms already using Trakx.

Jeff Handler


The USDc Earn CTI is a powerful example of how real world asset backed yield products that are integrated into platforms like Trakx, can drive real value for end users by providing them with a simple and highly secure way to to easily generate high risk-adjusted returns on idle stablecoin balances. OpenTrade is thrilled to be working with a partner like Trakx who’s platform makes the end user experience completely approachable and seamless for users of all levels of sophistication.

Jean-Marc Bonnefous

Tellurian Capital

There is still a wide gap between institutional ways of investing and today's emerging digital assets markets. Trakx is one of the main initiatives working at bridging this critical gap

William Piquard


We believe that passive investment strategies are necessary to develop a larger, institutional trading ecosystem around digital assets. With their extensive backgrounds working at major financial institutions at the intersection of blockchain, technology, and product development, this is just the right team to provide an efficient trading platform.


From clients and partners

Hear what our clients and partners have to say about us. Join the pioneering firms already using Trakx.
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We are a team of visionaries who are working hard to make digital assets more accessible to traditional assets investors. If you want to join our team to help us contact us.
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Strategic alliance through which Trakx CTIs will become the first crypto assets to be integrated and
listed on the LumRisk platform.
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Trakx acts in an advisory capacity as an expert on the ongoing evolution of certain themes underlying select MSCIs indices.
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